Or…we can be better.

Introducing our newly elected President of the United States, the Honorable Donald Trump.

This can come off as a joke to some, or it will be a wake up call to the current state of our government, our country and our people.

We can riot and slander or we can take this decision at face value and be discouraged and defeated or  work harder to improve our legislation and our choices of our officials.

We are either the free willed country we have claimed to be or we are just like the opposition; complaining about our loss and vowing to oppose him at every turn and decision.

Who knows? Trump could possibly come out and turn a new leaf: one of a serious politician with America’s best morals, interests and future at heart – or he could continue with his circus of wild comments and unprecedented support for those who are against equal rights, cohesive family units, and stricter regulations on fire arms sales and availability. (Not blaming the guns, just the non-regulated access to the guns)

We can either develop the same attitude that the racists, bigots and republicans had when the Honorable Barack Obama was elected and then re-elected or….we can prove to be so much better than them. Change starts with us.

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