A year, and Forever

How long did it take for you to become comfortable with your partner? I’m talking finish each others sentences and know each others thoughts, comfortable. I’m talking feeling this persons happiness and sadness, sickness and health comfortable. Was is 5 years…10 years…15 years? Was there a milestone that you (or you both) had to cross to be secure in the feeling that you were “meant to be”?

I’ve heard the promise that people make to each other to stay in love “forever and a day”, “forever and a year “until we are old”, or “until we are seventy”. This shows that those people who are in relationships have no idea how to express the “feeling of adoration” they have for someone without using rational measurements. The sad part is that whenever they state these ideas, they are almost always lies. 

Love is so abstract, ever changing and evolving that those who are in relationships force it. They force the affection they “show” to each other and call it “Hard Work”. That’s not a loving relationship, that is a job. 

I know of marriages that last no more than 5 – 7 years that end up being the strongest and healthiest bond after the relationship has been dissolved.I know of a marriage that is over 11 years old that is so stricken with psychological discourse, emotional manipulation, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, deception and betrayal between family members and their closest friends. It is still going on, but not because of “love” but; because of “obligation”, “regret”, “fear”,”guilt”, and “to give false pretenses”.

I know of a marriage that is less than 4 years old that is based on the competitive nature of the partners. Their insecurity in themselves and each other make them venture out to push the limits of each other in every arena (academically, emotionally, sexually, etc). Their measurement of their “love” is the praise and attention that they get from those around them.

With love or any challenges in your life, it’s more natural to measure them with the measurement of a year. A lot of things can happen within a year. People change so rapidly, always evolving right before our eyes, daily. The change is noticed can be notably experienced by the end of a years time, but only if you are paying attention. A day can’t show you a persons true colors, and neither will a month. A continuous year, that’s what you need to determine a persons character, and then – you can start determining your Forever.

In response to the Daily Word prompt –> via Daily Prompt: Year 


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