Hopeful: In Happiness and Sadness

Some would call you Optimistic. Should you not be? After all, what is there to lose that hasn’t been lost already? Some would call you Forgiving. Pray tell, why, when persons so close to your heart turned out to be self-serving, manipulative and obsessive? Some would call you Honest. For what, when the people who you had shown your open heart to, trampled it and made trash of your character?

It’s hard to remain Hopeful. To wait patiently for those who have been steered to believe misconceptions about you. Fallacies spun by the mouth and dark heart of those who have nothing to live for but to continue to deceive those closest to them.  As they deceive themselves, they maintain control by the reigns of the love that others. You can’t even fathom the amount of destruction that could overwhelm a person.

One thing you are not and will never be is a Liar. In your endeavors to be honest and truthful with all who are in contact with you; you are made out to be a liar and betrayer. With your honesty comes consequence of suffering the anger of a broken heart. This is well known and prepared for, yet, the pain is multiplied ten-fold by the duplicity of a wanting hypocrite.

One thing you will never be is a Victim. Yes, you have lost a lot, but you have gained so much more. You have learned that through it all, your Trials, Tribulations, Relationships and Friendships; there is much to learn about the true hearts of those close to you. You were lied to, manipulated, assaulted and abused by those you called Friends and Family. You learned the weight of a mans words is only as heavy as his action when his back is against the wall.

So yes, you remain Hopeful, what else can you be? With the truth and proof behind you, you should be secure that in Happiness and Sadness you will surely survive.

In response to today’s word prompt —> via Daily Prompt: Hopeful


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