The combination package can leave you Scorched.

Lust is a very strong [sometimes sexual] desire for someone or something. It will create this feeling of urgency to live in the moment and reach that ultimate release as quick as you can. You can never decipher whether the experiences are gonna last, have a deeper meaning or will scar you in the near/far future. Something started from lust will be hard to appraise as it is built upon a sense of need, weakness and [sometimes] confusion.

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by a belief that someone [or something] is dangerous, a threat or likely to cause pain. It will make you unstable in situations due to the need for protection of yourself and those you love and care for. You have a sense of tunnel vision (maybe from personal biases) that makes you forsake alternative tactics and makes the bigger picture incoherent.

Love is affection or romantic attachment to someone or something. It evolves from many things and it creates a rollercoaster of events in your life. Love will make you feel settled, steady,  and at ease, that is; only until the next climax of situations. You are willing to do the things you never thought you would do for the purpose of making the moments last, making a life together and working like hell no matter what happens. It’s showing and proving your emotions and even securing it for another. However, it’s let-downs can deter you from ever engaging in such relationships, masking your emotions, barricades your feelings, and separating yourself from any possibility of caring for those around you.

At times you can’t always see a difference between Love, Lust, and Fear. We do know that two of them can work together harmoniously, independent of the third. However, the addition of the third can have either a result of devastation or euphoria that is out of this world.


via Daily Prompt: Scorched


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