Lovely play on words – lets expand our vocabulary (Shall We).

Today’s blog comes as a bonus for me because I am always welcoming possible techniques to expand my vocabulary.

Today’s prompt is ‘lofty’ and I am just as much excited to write about it as the word ‘pedestrian’ which I learned the alternate meaning of by watching a show on TV that piqued my interest.


Now when you think of the word ‘pedestrian’ you think of it as describing a being transiting the streets without the use of a motor vehicle or bike. I was so surprised at the alternate meaning of the word ‘pedestrian’: lacking inspiration or excitement.

Synonyms include:

  • dull, boring, tedious, monotonous, uneventful, unremarkable, tiresome, wearisome, uninspired, unimaginative, unexciting, uninteresting, uninvolving, unvarying, unvaried, repetitive, routine, commonplace, workaday, ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill, mundane, humdrum, informal, plain-vanilla

Now when you think of the word ‘lofty’ you think of it as describing the comfort of a luxurious dwelling on the upper floors of a beautiful building. Well, that’s what I equate it to. The alternate meaning of the word ‘lofty’: of a noble or exalted nature.

Synonyms include:

  • noble, exalted, high, high-minded, worthy, grand, fine, elevated, sublime,proud, aloof, self-important, haughty, arrogant, disdainful, supercilious, condescending, scornful, patronizing, contemptuous, self-important, conceited, snobbish, stuck-up, snooty, snotty, hoity-toity, standoffish

Oh, just the thought of all the possible conversations and situations I can use the word on a day to day basis. I could possibly catch someone off guard with an insult (or compliment)  and force them to expand their knowledge and use of words as well.

Are there any words that you have used that have made someone take a pause to understand the meaning?

This post owes all thanks to today’s Daily Post WP here —»»»


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