Gas vs Electric: are flames really necessary for that meal?

I have a number of family and friends who have their own opinion on Electric vs Gas stoves. I grew up in a household where my grandmother and mother and father cooked on gas stoves.My fathers favorite was his grill out back that he could flame up some mouth watering steaks.

They perferred the flame emmiting pilots to electric stoves due to a plethora of reasons. I’ll just name a few:

1. The flame is easier to regulate and manipulate to get the food to the perfect cooking temperature at every stage of the meal.

2. On gas stoves the heat is distributed more evenly to the pan or pot being used so that the food is cooked completely through ( or as thorough as you like).

3. Electric stoves raise your electricity bill especially for homes that cook large meals or multiple meals throughout the day. Gas is cheaper.

I’m not too sure, as I am a novice at this cooking thing, but I do know that experienced cooks know a thing or two about their craft. I cook very simplistic meals for maybe a 1 or 2 person get together.

What’s weird about my place is that I have a gas grill outside my home but my stove is electric. Should I go through the alteration of changing my electric stove to a gas one?

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